I have challanged myself to read 25 books in 2017. This is no small feat for me. I'm a fast learner, but a slow reader! Here is the list of books I've read. I will add to the list as I finish a book and tell you a little bit about the book and what I thought of it. Good and bad. I rarely read fiction, so if you are hoping for a list of great novels to add to your reading list, you won't find them here. But you will find 25 books to make you think about life, business, families, love, people, souls, hearts, fun stuff, cool stuff, nature, yourself and much more. And maybe, just maybe, I'll through in a novel. 


Big Magic

There aren't many people who haven't heard of Elizabeth Gilbert. She got me with Eat, Pray, Love (which I've read twice) and she keeps me coming back with her down to earth, honest, no bullshit nature. When I was on Facebook, I followed her page (which you should if you are on FB) and enjoyed her posts filled with very real everyday human experience stuff. So full of wisdom and love, this Liz Gilbert.

Big Magic is a book about creativity. Right up my alley. If you've ever read a book and thought, "That is the book I was going to write!" then you know how I felt when I read Big Magic. So much of how Liz views creativity and its impact on our lives, is how I feel about creativity. I recommend this book for those that live a creative life, and more importantly, I recommend this book for those that don't feel they are creative or have a right to be creative. It's an easy read in true Ms. Gilbert fashion.