Nature Heals


My friend Nancy and I spent our Easter Sunday hiking Green Mountain.  A 2344 ft. climb to the top.  We both started off the day not feeling so hot, complaining of feeling headachy, foggy and tired.  But we were both determined to get to the top of this mountain and enjoy the amazingly perfect weather of the day.

About an hour and half into the hike, I turned to Nancy and said, "I think I've hit my runner's high!"  I felt freaking fantastic.  Energized, strong, healthy.  She reported feeling much the same too.  

And to what do we owe this transformation?

The great outdoors.  Nature.

I'm telling you friends, when healing is needed, head outside.  Take in fresh air, turn your head to the sky, and be grateful. Anytime you are not feeling your best, physical or mental, get yourself out into nature. You don't have to take a five hour hike, even 30 minutes will do. Even if just to sit on a bench in a park on your lunch break. Works every time.  Never underestimate the power of healing offered to us by Mother Nature.


Being in nature, in the great outdoors, is my church.  It is where I go to restore whatever it is that is in need of restoration.  My heart, my soul, my head when in a fog, my stomach when upset from stress.  Nature is my therapist, healing without ever having to say a word.  When everything seems wrong, walking on dirt and over rocks puts everything back into perspective.  When things are going well, being in nature deepens joy. 

I do not believe that one can live life wonderfully without making time to walk among the trees, swim the waters, dig in the dirt, climb a mountain, slide on snow, feel the sand between one's toes.  

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