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My word for 2014.


I thought for a long time. I waited for the perfect word to come to me. Waited to feel inspired. Waited to really feel, what I was feeling.


The last two years of my life have been challenging to say the least.  Seems one crappy thing has happened after the next. 

Yet through it all, possibilities have been resting around every corner waiting for me to discover them.  

I might have felt denied many things these past months, but not possibilities. Not possibilities for adventure, grace, kindness and love.

Some days, I sat and waited for life to stop changing. To stop hurting.  But life doesn't stop. It ebbs and flows, rushes in the wonderful and rushes out the pain. 


The hardest thing to do sometimes is to open the heart to possibilities.  To trust. To go with the flow, ride the waves.

In 2014, I plan to simply be open to what may lie ahead of me. Not to worry, nor fret. To allow myself to shed tears of joy and happiness. 

And to love. With all of me. 


live life wonderful

xo, ann