I'm someone's mother

My and my kid. When he was five. And I was younger than I am now. 

My and my kid. When he was five. And I was younger than I am now. 

Today is Mother's Day. I'm someone's mother, so I guess that makes this day in part about me. Being someone's mom isn't what I thought I wanted for my life. But, I would never wish it to be different than how it turned out, me being a mom to my kid. We are sometimes gifted that which we did not know we needed most. 

My own mother raised five of us. She did a good job. She was a loving and responsible sort of mom. There when we needed her, and not when we wanted to do it on our own. She was an amazing homemaker of the kind women use to be in the 50's and 60's. Best cook I've ever known and talented with a sewing machine. Dessert with every meal, Christmas cookies, clean, well decorated home. All the things kids take for granted when they are young, but grow to appreciate when older and out in the world on their own. Thanks Mom, you did good.

Life after the birth of my son, has been an interesting ride. He is now 24 and in my eyes, perfect. He is everything a parent could hope for in a child: kind, loving, smart, independent, fun to be around, sensitive and aware, thoughtful and giving. We enjoy a close relationship and genuinely enjoy each other's company. Yes, I still mother him sometimes, worry about him, give him unsolicited advise. For the most part though, I simply give him unending love and support. 

Happy Mother's Day to me. To my mom. To all moms.