open for business

Open a shop for your art Ann. Or don't. Or do. Make up your mind and just do it. 

This is how the conversation often went in my mind. Over the last several years I've put some of my art in an Etsy shop, and tried other avenues to get my art out into the world and hopefully in the lives of people who resonate with my creations.  A big part of my hesitation has been whether or not I want to pursue being an artist on a more consistent basis and sell my work. 

I suffer from creative over-stimulation. That's what I like to call it. I don't just paint. I write. I design stuff. I take photographs that I then use in making art and telling stories. I like to jump from creative project to creative project. I'm adding fiber art this year to the long list of things I want to explore. I use to make jewelry, and of late, the urge is returning to design pieces that adorn the body. I'm not a creative who sits down day in and day out and turns out the same type of creative work over many years. I've always admired those types of artists, but that isn't who I am. And yet, I've been telling myself that to be a real artist, I had to be like them. 

So this brings me back to why it has been hard for me to say I'm a painter and here is my artwork for sale. I haven't been sure I want to be an artist who creates work with the intention of selling it. Because I don't just want to be an artist who paints. I want to be an artist who writes books, poetry, songs and greeting cards. I want to be an artist who takes photographs and then uses those images to inspire people to get outside and into nature. I want to show others how it is done. I want to help people find their creative soul. I want to teach. I want to speak. I want to empower those who feel they are creatively powerless.

Over the years I've fought calling myself a painter and artist because I felt it would somehow limit all the other parts of me. I just had to get over myself and embrace who I am when it comes to being a creative. And to stop denying that I'd like to produce work with the intension of selling that work. This is not a hobby for me. Creating artwork is passion for me. 

I did it. I opened a little online shop for my original paintings, and will maintain an Etsy shop for prints, greeting cards and digital downloads. I am no longer afraid to show my work as it is, as it reflects who I am, my interests, style and inspiration. The lesson here is simple: Be grateful for your individuality and unique take on how you interpret life through your choice of medium. Show your work. And never stop creating. 


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