summer days

The summer landscape of mountain lakes. Late July and there is still patches of snow to tredge through to reach the alpine lakes. Snow that is soft, wet and deep in places that will swallow your leg to your hip if you aren't careful. The journey up isn't always easy for me, but am always grateful that I made it. What are a few sore muscles and tired feet when you get to sit next to this and have a hiker's feast. 

Here we are in late July, summer being about half over. Vacation is still to come delivering me to nature for several days in the company of the one I love the most, my child. Our annual summer time together when we venture onto the land to explore amoung the trees, rocks, streams and all sorts of flora and fauna. 

The studio calls to me as much as the mountains do. Art making is made in bits and pieces of time after work and weekends. Progress always seems slow to me, but then today, I realize I have quite a body of work stored up and I know it's time for me to release them. 

Until the summer days are gone, I plan to make the most of them. And when the fall and winter days come, I plan to make the most of them too.