I've always been a nature lover. Geek, even. I love science and alive things and not alive things. Plants, animals, Earth, sky, weather- everything and anything that surrounds me that is of the natureal world. Escaping to nature has been a safe place for me since I was a very young girl walking the creek beds behind my childhood home. Collecting tadpoles in the summer so I could study them closer, exploring rock formations, climbing trees and always, always meeting any animal I could. 



Moving to Colorado was a long held dream.  I'm a Texan by birth, and don't hold a grudge against my parents for settingly in the Lone Start state, but from my first visit to Colorado as a teenager, I knew it would some day be home.  My dream came true in the summer of 2012. Boulder became home and I can honestly say, I've never been more content to exist anywhere in my life. Life is good here, made so by the landscape. Some people love the sea, I love the mountains. Adventure is simple here- you need only hit a trail and start walking. 


Alpine lakes

I'm a destination kind of hiker, and alpine lakes are my favorite. Perfect for lunch spots, naps and journal entries. They provide the kind of quiet calm that my weary mind craves. I'm lucky to live in a state where I can drive a short distance, hike a few miles up, and find a kind of beauty that can only be heaven made. 


I've always liked walking. I'm a good walker so it was a natural fit for me to turn everyday walking into hiking. Day hikes make up the majority of my outings, but last summer I began a relationship with backpacking. I'm a newbie so I've got a lot to learn (like not carrying too much weight!) but I can't wait to pack up the gear and head out on another trip.