The Short & The Sweet

I believe in love, solid friendships, that animals make the best house mates, and sometimes, soulmates. That being kind gets you further in life than being rude. That nothing heals the soul like spending quiet moments in nature. That we are all broken at times, but as humans, have an amazing capacity to become whole again... and again and again. I believe that hearty belly laughs and a good cry are often the best medicines, and I believe that we are all born creative spirits, and by sharing our creative passions, we make the world a better place for everyone. 


I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, but spent the majority of my life living in Austin before moving to Boulder.  Colorado is home now; where I think I've belonged all along. I am mother to one very awesome human, who by far, is the greatest creation I've ever made. You will always find me with a canine companion by my side. I eat mostly a vegan diet, and recently had to give up gluten. Which sucks, cause I really love bread. The real kind of bread. And, as of the writing of this about me page, I'm single. Happily. But not opposed to discovering a Mr., who might be Mr. Right. 

Professional Junk

I hold both Bachelor of Science and Fine Arts degrees. Have worked since I was 15 in varying jobs and professions, sometimes employed by other, sometimes self-employed. I'm both left-brain and right-brain strong which makes for a great combination for getting shit done, but which can also be the most maddening internal struggle at times.  I can do your taxes and decorate your home, and do them both well. I will never be one who is "retired" and hope to add to my professional junk list each year of my life.   

Grateful Every Day. Find Your Peace. Live Life Wonderful!

~ Ann Marie

Ann Marie, you're one of the strongest and most solid people i know. You may not realize it but you naturally lend your strength and support to everyone around you. You're not just a rock, you're a mountain!  -David R.




I don't know how many times to say it but you inspire me Ann Marie.  -Sofia

Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself and reminding us we always have a choice! You inspire me! - Stacey

Wow. You are one wise, wonderful and funny gal. With a never-ending spirit.  -Rhonda

You inspire me Ann! To want to work towards my dream come true. To want that peace of mind that I am so lacking. To want to fill my life with live, life, wonderful! Love you!  ~Linda

I think Ann Marie is a great teacher. You can tell she enjoys teaching people to find and use their creativity! ~Workshop participant